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The Contractor and Service Provider Database System is a government vendor registration database system that assigns a unique contractor identification number, categorizes, classifies and disseminates vendor performance data in support of federal government procusrements and awards. No payment is required in order to be created on this system.

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-No payment is required in order to be registered on this system.    

- Requirements for  National Pension Commission (Pencom) compliance certificate is not mandatory for companies with less than Fifteen (15) personnel

-Companies with less than five (5) personnel, or less than Fifty (50) Million Naira annual turnover, are not required to pay Industrial Training Fund (ITF) contributions, and as such do not require an ITF compliance certificate.”

Any false declaration and submission could lead to prosecution, debarment and disqualification for 10 years from public procurement in line with the provisions of section 58 of PPA, 2007.